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You Are Here: Discontinued Tights Stockings Hold Ups - Jonathan Aston - Jonathan Aston Sweet Roses Knee Highs
Jonathan Aston Sweet Roses Knee Highs
Jonathan Aston Sweet Roses Knee Highs
This product has been discontinued

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Elegance and style never goes out of date but it's mandatory right now. The pretty feminine look is definately in vogue. These beautiful lace knee highs are both trendy and stylish. Worn with a plain short skirt they look ultra trendy or as trouser wear with a nice shoe, they look sophisticated and elegant.


* Lace pattern
* Feminine
* 97% Nylon
* 3% Lycra

Customer Reviews (view all)

Average Rating 3

Anonymous, Rated: 5

I've just come on to buy another pair in black and noticed the review.
I think they must have had a bad pair and I'd send them back, as I ve had 3 pairs and mine were all fine.
Look great as trouser wear!

Anonymous, Rated: 1

Sorry - but these are dreadful - end up around your ankles!

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