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Kunert 40 Denier Black Opaque Tights
These 40 denier black opaque tights from Kunert are really soft and cosy. As always, Kunert bring you reasonably priced hosiery combined with exce...
Price was: £7.95

Kunert 40 Denier Coloured Opaque Tights
These 40 denier coloured opaques from Kunert come in the most scrumptious colours. As always, Kunert bring you reasonably priced hosiery combined ...
Price was: £7.09

Kunert Admiral Leggings
These nautical style leggings in navy & white are great news for the fashionista's amongst us, straight from the new Spring/Summer collection. The...
Price was: £16.95

Kunert Arabesque Lace Fashion Hold Ups
Hold ups with baroque design throughout. Exclusive, finely pattered band for better holding. Heavily patterned leg with the finest of net backgrou...
Price was: £13.65

Kunert Arabesque Lace Fashion Tights
  Fashion tights with a baraque design and has a hold up appearance. Exclusive heavily patterned leg with the finest of net back...
Price was: £9.74

Kunert Colour Seam Tights
Kunert Colour Seam Tights are a real winner this spring/summer. They are very elegant with their unique coloured seams running from heel to waist. Tot...
Price was: £5.06

Kunert Colour Tights
Colour Your Life.... Kunert are continuing their colour topic this year and bringing freshness and fashionable touches to the new season. Cool past...
Price was: £3.36

Kunert Colours Opaque Tights
Kunert have stunned us all this season with their gorgeous rich coloured opaque matte tights. Very reasonably priced, 40 denier and very soft. A must ...
Price was: £2.09

Kunert Cross Over Cotton Footless Opaque Tights
These unusual tights from Kunert are part of this years fashion range. Essentially an opaque footless tight, with a twist. They have a strap that is a...
Price was: £12.45

Kunert Deep Lace Stockings (11391)
Beautifully sheer, these deep lace stockings are luxurious and very classy. Gorgeous lace top that is perfection itself and is completely in harmony w...
Price was: £13.21

Kunert Fashion Fringed Leggings
Trendy fringed leggings from Kunert that will enhance your outfit this Spring and Summer. Worn with a long top or short skirt you'll find these a ...
Price was: £12.25

Kunert Fashion Hold Ups
Up-to-the-minute fashion hold ups from Kunert, with the exceptionally deep, real lace band and transparent toes they are soft and sensuous and yet ver...
Price was: £9.35

Kunert Fashion Lace Trimmed Leggings
As always, Kunert have the most gorgeous fashion hosiery. The softest of sheens on these beautiful leggings all finished off with a precious lace cuff...
Price was: £9.95

Kunert Fashion Net Leggings
Beautifully delicate net leggings from Kunert automatically bring a feeling of Spring and Summer to your mind. Net leggings with a small flower an...
Price was: £11.22

Kunert Fashion Tattoo Tights
Gorgeous tights from Kunert have a fabulous tatoo design at the ankle. Pretty and delicate the floral design gives added interest to this product and ...
Price was: £11.22

Kunert Floral 20 Fashion Tights
These floral print tights from Kunert are 'bloomin lovely'. A matt natural tan coloured leg, with delicate printed flowers in a muted blue colour inte...
Price was: £18.95

Kunert Leg Control 20 Denier Sheer Tights
These high quality graduated support tights push the blood back up your legs, stopping it collecting at you ankles. Graduated compression t...
Price was: £6.80

Kunert Liz Socks
Price was: £7.00

Kunert New Cable Net Fashion Tights
Extra soft with the trendiest cable pattern and small net from waist to toe. These fashion tights from Kunert look fabulous with a short black dr...
Price was: £13.95

Kunert Paisley Fashion Tights
High fashion tights with paisley pattern from one of Germany's leading hosiery manufacturers. Heavily patterned these tights will look beautiful w...
Price was: £12.75

Kunert Pinstriped Tights
Kunert are great when it comes to fashion. These lovely pinstriped fashion tights are perfect to wear with those business skirts or suits. They look s...
Price was: £15.95

Kunert Silver Fresh Up Tights
Hot Days - Fresh Legs..... An innovative material combination keeping your legs feeling fresh. Kunert Fresh Up Tights keep your legs feeling fresh ...
Price was: £7.95

Kunert Spider Net Tights
Spider Net Tights have a double net that looks like a spiders web. A real fashion statement and new to the UK market they are already a real winner wi...
Price was: £8.47

Kunert Tartan Over The Knee Socks
These over the knee socks from Kunert are trendy and great fun to wear. You'll love the tartan as they will go with any little black number that you s...
Price was: £9.95

Kunert Tartan Tights
These fantastic tartan tights from Kunert are not only a delight to wear but are ultra trendy at the moment. A black background gives way to a lovely ...
Price was: £17.37

Kunert Tenderness Fashion Footless Tights
Gorgeous footless tights from Kunert - Germany. Fantastic fit and great look about them, these footless tights are ideal for this years Autu...
Price was: £9.13

Kunert Transparence Tights
These virtually invisable tights from Kunert are made to very high German standards. They have a smooth elastic comfort band to keep them up all day, ...
Price was: £2.09

Kunert Velvet Cotton Tights
"Why have Cotton, when you can have Velvet!"   We offered these to our customers last year and they proved to be so popular that we dec...
Price was: £17.94

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